What is Cannabidiol Oil?

Looking for the truth about CBD oil from hemp?

We want to talk about the world’s most controversial cash crop, the Marijuana plant and its coveted CBD oil.

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CBD Oil – Risk Vs Reward

Although CBD has been rapidly increasing in popularity over the last few years, it is still technically outlawed in the United States by the federal government.

This is by no means a worldwide trend, as many other countries allow all forms of CBD to be used within their state lines.

The fact that the US continues to so adamantly reject the legalization of CBD is something that has been heavily criticized for years now, as no form of CBD has shown to have extreme detrimental health effects or addictive properties.

Some states have started to legalize plant cannabinoids, but this is happening very slowly, and there are currently only a handful of state governments that have managed to successfully do this.

However, with that being said, there are several exceptions to this federal ban on CBD.

For instance, some American scientists that have special DEA licensing are allowed to experiment with pure forms of CBD from time to time. Additionally, there is always the occasional CBD entrepreneur that chooses to find loopholes for the law and attempt to import CBD oil into the United States, with their defense being that the THC content of the oil is lower than .3 percent.

At this point in time, the government has not cracked down on this practice, but it is still considered to be a very grey area of the law.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to provide a very clear definition of what we mean when we discuss a type of cannabis or other assorted product that is rich in CBD. When we use the phrase “rich in CBD”, we simply are referring to a type of cannabis that has equal parts of both THC and CBD, or in some cases, higher levels of CBD than THC. When we use the phrase “CBD dominant”, we are referring to types of cannabis that contain high levels of CBD but very little THC.

CBD Oil – Our Complete FAQ

Now, here are some commonly asked questions that we oftentimes receive regarding CBD:

  • How are the growing processes different for growing cannabis that is rich in CBD or cannabis that is rich in THC?

Surprisingly, almost identical growing techniques are used for both of these types of cannabis. However, plants that are rich in CBD are oftentimes Sativa plants, while plants that are rich in THC are oftentimes Indica plants. The former has a longer flowering period than the latter. Additionally, the time that you harvest the plants can also have an effect on levels of both CBD and THC.

  • Is there anything specific that I should keep my eyes out for when shopping for strains of cannabis that are CBD rich?

When you are looking for CBD rich products at a dispensary, you should first make sure that there are lab-approved stickers that label the amounts of CBD and THC on each strain. Then, look at the levels of each individual cannabinoid per milligram and make sure that everything appears to be in order.

  • What is the recommended safe dosage of CBD that I should consume?

The only way to truly find out how much CBD you should be consuming is to discuss the matter with your general physician. You may hear recommendations or suggestions from friends and other websites, but their advice is by no means accurate, as they do not know your body and health history like your doctor does.

  • Where is the best place for me to find and purchase topicals, herbs, or ingestibles that are rich in CBD?

The answer to this question completely depends on where you live, so you may have to do some research on local dispensaries in your area. This is research that is mostly readily available online, and it should not be too hard to find.

  • Because hemp plants also contain large amounts of CBD, can I just use hemp or ditchweed in order to reap the same health benefits that CBD provides in cannabis?

Although the CBD levels in hemp are much higher than the THC levels, this does not mean that the overall CBD content is particularly high. Generally speaking, hemp is bred for the purpose of producing seeds for oils and nutritional supplements, or producing fibers for various assorted products. Unlike other plants, it is almost always not bred for the purpose of resin production. Thus, if the hemp is not selectively bred for CBD purposes, the CBD content will commonly be very low.

  • Will juicing raw cannabis still allow me to consume CBD?

When an individual consumes unheated cannabis that has been juiced, they are still consuming THC and the many cannabinoids that are within the cannabis. However, until the CBD is heated, it is not actually CBD, but actually CBD acid. CBD acid does still have medicinal properties, but not nearly as much research has been done regarding this. Thus, we still recommend consuming cannabis the traditional way, if an individual truly wants to consume as much CBD as possible.

  • Is it possible to manipulate any environmental factors in order to increase the CBD content in cannabis?

By altering the amount of light the plant gets, as well as its water consumption, water acidity, and nutrients, you can manipulate the cannabinoid content of a strain of cannabis. Unfortunately, however, the CBD content of a plant is entirely determined by its genetic makeup, which is something that cannot be manipulated by environmental factors. It does not matter what environmental factors you change for the plant, the CBD: THC ratio will remain unchanged.

  • How exactly is CBD metabolized when it is consumed orally?

Although there has been very little research completed regarding this question, scientists do know that CBD does become 7-hydroxy-CBD when consumed orally, which is an analogous compound. However, the activity of these compounds is not currently known, and very few scientific publications have been released.

  • What is the best way to make edibles or brownies that are rich in CBD?

To make edibles that are rich in CBD, you would make edibles in the same way that you make any type of cannabis infused edibles. To do this, the first step would be to extract a CBD rich strain into butter, oil, or ghee. Using these oils or butters is by far the most popular way to create edibles. Then, once you do this, you must simply substitute the oils or butters for ingredients in your favorite baking recipes, and you are set. There are many recipes and tutorials that you can find online, and most baking recipes will work for this purpose.

  • If I am from a state where medical marijuana is legal, is there anyway for me to obtain any form of CBD rich products?

In order to have access to CBD rich products, you would need to either visit or communicate with someone in states where medical marijuana is legal, such as Colorado or Washington. However, it is still important to keep in mind that these states only sell medical marijuana to individuals that are 21 or older. Additionally, moving these products over state lines is against federal law, meaning that it is up to the individual purchasing these products to take responsibility for this and discover his or her own way to transport the products.

Additionally, medical marijuana is also sold in California, but it is more difficult to obtain it in this state, as you must have a special license and physician approval in order to do so. Some people even relocate to other states in order to have easier access to CBD rich products, and this is always an option.

  • Will CBD rich cannabis cause you to fail a drug test like normal cannabis?

Although drug tests are specifically designed to look for THC, rather than cannabinoids or CBD, this does not mean that you are completely in the clear if you are using CBD rich cannabis. Because CBD rich cannabis oftentimes has small traces of THC in it, drug tests can pick up on this. At this point in time, there is no drug test specifically geared towards CBD, as CBD does not cause impairment.

  • Is it possible for me to obtain CBD rich products if I do not currently live in the United States?

There are currently 22 different countries in the world that have approved an under the tongue CBD spray, which can be purchased if one qualifies for the proper prescription. Additionally, the Dutch Healthy Ministry as well as Israel have developed medical marijuana programs of their own that can be used by their citizens. Finally, it is always possible for individuals that reside outside of the US to visit America and purchase CBD rich products from some of the states that have legalized medical marijuana. However, it is illegal to transport these products over state or country lines, meaning that the individual purchasing the products must assume all responsibility.

  • Is it better to have a cannabis strain with very little THC, or with equal levels of CBD and THC?

The answer to this question primarily depends on what you are using the cannabis strain for. For instance, if you are using it to treat seizures or an anxiety disorder, a strain with little THC is probably best and most effective. But, if you are using the cannabis strain to treat pain or neurodegenerative disorders, the small amount of THC can be very beneficial. The amount of THC that you will want completely depends on the disorder that you are treating, as well as your body and personal specifications.

CBD Oil Benefits?

Enjoy this well-received and pieced together documentary video about CBD oil and the benefits, side effects and possible medicinal values it possesses.

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